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  • Good Friday to my music lovers!
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Good Friday to my music lovers!

Good Friday to my music lovers!

"Goody Friday" by Julia Govor

Today Playmoss just published my 15-tracks playlist on their “Good Friday” series!

Playmoss is a super cool idea to share music and create your own playlist via YouTube, Vimeo and SoundCloud to share. On “Good Friday” they share playlists of artist which are really inspiring.

Check my playlist here and the “Good Friday”:



Article and interview on Track? ID

Article and interview on Track? ID



Thank you Track? ID for the nice introduction, music sharing and interview!


Read it here:





Where are you now? NYC

Your first record: Laurent Garnier — The Man With The Red Face — F communication 

Where and when you start your career? Arma17, Moscow, it was my birthsday 31.12.2009

Number of records in your collection: It is difficult to say how much, I haven’t counted, but a lot. Enough to play 20 days non-stop with an average of 4 minutes for each track. I know one thing, each track is weaved in dreams, desires, adventure. The story of my life. Each song is the memory associated with different people for over 10 years.

Role model: Jeff Mills — his manner of mixing, his style of how he moves the body, his elegant look, even his mistakes sound unique for me. As a music producer, Kamran Sadeghi — he taught me a lot, I will not hide, his school is amazing. He explains how music works without imposing his own opinion. Kamran has the incredible tranquility and dedication to the work of painstaking refinement and this is what I don’t have enough! And yes, creative producers I haven’t met yet. And in general: «Imitate no one — it means to be a slave of worthlessness.»

If I wouldn’t be a DJ? I will be a choreographer or an algebra teacher.

With whom do you dream to play back to back, and why them? Sonja Moonear is cool girl, I’ve been listening to her podcasts, I have been visiting her performances and I realized she has inimitable character and style. I like when an DJ plays with the emotion! She’s one of those in whom I believe and want to be friends. To bad I am in NYC she is in Geneva.

The most important thing is the mix? Instant response and expanded consciousness even when you make mistakes.

Five records that you never take out of your bag:
Jeff Mills — The Bells (Purpose Maker)
Dani Casarano Felipe Falenzuela — The culture (house republic 003)
The Persuader / Jesper Dahlbäck — What Is The Time, Mr. Templar? (Svek)
Carl Craig — The Climax Re-Work (Open Records)
Cassy — Night to remember (Perlon)
I played «Night to remember » for Arma17 closing party and Jennie Sobol, promoter and the girl with brilliant taste, almost cried:)

As an artist I have already reconciled with? bad monitors.

Always with you on the road: moisturizer, walnuts and books!

When I’m not busy with music, then … I do yoga, writing in my journal, learning languages.

Music — it’s magic elixir that washes away the dust of everyday life

A few words about the recorded mix: the podcast sounds like my inner self.

Top 5 records (of the moment):
Kamran Sadeghi — Together We Breathe (All Inn records)
Easy Changes — Small Bodies (Arma)
Todeo — The close encounter (Micropunto Schallplatten)
Puxumos, Zetqa — Suflet de Vioara (Vincenzo Monastra Remix) (Far Far Away Records)
Julia Govor & Rashid Agami — A regret (Highway Records)

10 legendary techno tracks made by NYC based music producers from 20 years ago

10 legendary techno tracks made by NYC based music producers from 20 years ago