• Eight artists taking American dance music to the next level in 2016
  • How Russian DJ Julia Govor Found ‘Open Possibility’ in New York

16 artists who will make your year in 2016

Another year, another bustle of rising artists to get acquainted with.

We’re forever studying dark niches and tumbling down online rabbit holes in search of the person who’ll give us our next transportive dancefloor experience or gift us a track that hits our sweet spot just right.

Come the changing of the year, that means there’s a fresh wave of talent to shout about and share with our nearest and dearest. So, here are 16 artists who will make your year in 2016. There’s no doubt you’ll come across this squad over the next 12 months, and with good reason…

4 Julia Govor

Some DJs start their musical journey through their parents, some through self-discovery and some even by accident but Julia Govor carved her path in a pretty unique way. It began in the small Russian military town of Abkhazia where she performed as a cassette DJ at her local nightclub. She was also a singer in a military band called Moryachka and performed songs by Russian singers every week. So where does electronic music fit in? Well, in 2004 she got a job in Moscow working for MTV and ended up interviewing gods like Ricardo Villalobos and Richie Hawtin. She’d been DJing a bit beforehand but after some more skill honing she was playing gigs at Movement and Sonar by 2010. Her first productions came via Visionquest and Get Physical a few years ago and her deep melodic techno is now starting to see full form. She performed at The Lab LA and showed us that she’s come a long way since mixing on cassettes (!!!) Although we can’t give full details yet, 2016 will see Govor release on some prolific labels, including one of the biggest techno imprints around. From Russia with love… F

Watch Julia Govor’s Lab LA set here


Eight artists taking American dance music to the next level in 2016

Eight artists taking American dance music to the next level in 2016

Julia Govor Mixmag5 Julia Govor

It’s a bit of a cheat to call Julia Govor “American” but we’re going to do it anyway (artistic licence and all that). She’s lived many lives before becoming a techno DJ, having been raised in a Navy family in Russia before going against the grain and getting involved with electronic music, first in Moscow and now New York, where she’s making a massive impact.

In 2016, she’s set to release a slew of singles, including an original of hers called ‘Open Possibility’ that is set to arrive on the vinyl-only label Mind Series in February. Last year, she played The Lab LA and she got listed in our 16 artists to watch in ’16, too!


How Russian DJ Julia Govor Found ‘Open Possibility’ in New York

How Russian DJ Julia Govor Found ‘Open Possibility’ in New York

When Julia Govor moved to New York three years ago, her reasoning was simple. “Love,” she answers on a recent video call. She repeats the word: “Love.”


Govor, who is from Russia, met her husband, producer and composer Kamran Sadeghi, at a festival in Europe. He was the only guy on the dance floor wearing sunglasses at night. “I thought, this is so rare,” she recalls. When they first started dating, Govor was still based in Moscow. Eventually, they set up a home base in Berlin. However, when Govor’s visa expired, she was unable to renew it, so, they headed to New York. Govor recalls the advice Sadeghi gave here upon moving, “My husband told me, ‘Julia, when you’re going to move to New York, you have to have your goal because you can get lost very easily,'” she says.

Read full story on Village Voice.


MK, Armand Van Helden, and Julia Govor Share Their Favorite NYC Haunts

There are nights when Brooklyn just feels too lit—like there’s too much crazy good shit happening on every corner, and you’re helpless to fight off the waves of FOMO no matter where you go. Next weekend (November 6 and 7) will be one of those, thanks to the eighth edition of Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival (BEMF). A pass grants you access to all of the borough’s top venues, which will welcome a hundred DJs from around the world, plus a veritable buffet of discussion panels and afterparties. The open-ended schedule presents endless options—which can be thrilling or overwhelming, depending on how good you are at making decisions. And then, of course, there’s always a whole array of cool, non-BEMF-affiliated events happening around the city as well.

With all of this choice, sometimes you just need someone to tell you where to go. So ahead of the festival, we asked three of our favorite headliners to share their favorite haunts in Brooklyn and beyond—the places they have to check off every time they’re in town. Read on to find out the pizza spot you’re most likely to see MK eating a slice in, the underground dance party where Julia Govor goes dancing, and the street corner Armand Van Helden stands at when he wants to watch the city go by.


Julia Govor  featured in The Deli Magazine!

Julia Govor featured in The Deli Magazine!

Saints & Synthesizers ‪#‎BEMF‬ & 2015 artists Julia Govor & DJ GINA TURNER featured in The Deli Magazine!


Mixing a distinct melodic flair with the sonic bombast of new techno, NYC emerging EDM artist Julia Govor pushes dancing and fun to the very edge, reveling in hallucinogenic textures that suggest not sleeping is its own form of dreaming.

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