• Julia Govor at Alfa Future People Festival in Russia
  • Russian Summer Tour 2015
  • Julia Govor live Ibiza Sonica
  • Barbara vs Julia
  • DJs Three Questions/ Julia Govor
Julia Govor at Alfa Future People Festival in Russia

Julia Govor at Alfa Future People Festival in Russia

Julia Govor Alfa Futire people festival RussiaAlfa Future People and Mendeleev stage last weekend in Nizhni Novgorod, Russia was absolutely crazy. First, it was massive and on the middle of nowhere, around the Oka River in the field. Second, how did they manage to build all this stage for such a short time, I have no idea, but they did a really good job. Sound and lighting was on a very professional level. They even made recycling bins around the festival. WI-Fi and food courts were working non stop. ‪#‎Mendeleevstage‬ K_PLAYER was working 72 hours with the best Russian artists and DJ’s who played great sets. I heard 5 acts – it was inspiring. The guests of the festival were wild and hungry for music, the harder I played the higher they jumped.
I love Russians, they still my favorite crowd.
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Julia Govor live Ibiza Sonica

Julia Govor live Ibiza Sonica

julia govor ibiza sonica 2015Hey World! This is my fresh mix I recorded at IBIZA SONICA RADIO
I played only my unreleased and released music, including remixes on originals tracks by Kamran Sadeghi, Ricardo Villalobos, Felipe Valenzuela , Noël Jackson and of course tunes by Synchronized Swimming Music
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DJs Three Questions/ Julia Govor

DJs Three Questions/ Julia Govor

Julia Govor Mysteryland New York USA 2015pics by Danilo Lewis for Mysteryland

Under The Sound asked silly questions some of DJ’s and music producers during the Mysteryland USA festival.
My answers with others, such as Adam Beyer, Lee Burridge, ERIC VOLTA, jozif, Superfly, Agoria, KiNK, Bedouin are below.


Julia Govor, Nightclubber Sideways 016 podcast


is one of my favorite platforms where people can hear the best dance music labeled as “underground”. It means that it consists of music that is less popular and less approachable. Nightclubber is very much supporting the eastern European producers and DJ’s, new talents in the Romanian minimal house and complex techno house of young musicians from various origins.
The platform has 3 directions:
PODCASTS: the music played in clubs and venues
– UNKNOWN 500: artists recording their live or DJ set without announcing their name or tracklist; the listeners are guessing and sharing “the story” to discover who made this beautiful work
– SIDEWAYS:  podcasts that are compiled on electronic and experimental music only.

Basically, if you would like to know what or who is inspiring your favorite music producer, you better listen to “sideways”.
Today I am sharing my SIDEWAYS 016 with you. I am truly thankful to Razvan, Coldfish aka Laurine Frost and Kamran Sadeghi for this great opportunity to be part of this platform.




Julia Govor – DJ choice.

Here is my choice of 20 tracks I picked for Various Artists compilations. The tracks you can play in the car, at home, on the dance floor or while your running. All these tracks made by my friends based in Russian Federation, young and talented music producers, some of remixes made by my dearest friends from another part of the world.
Music connected, we are united.
Felipe Valenzuela, Rashid Ajami, Monaque, Andrey Burtaev, Monkey Fish,Agraba (OFFICIAL), Korablove Todd Bodine, Sasse, Spieltape, Nikitin, MR MOREK, TANTSUI, Jackethat, YarosLOVE. TECHNIQUE, SIMAK DELITVIN, Asaga/Days of Funk, DJ Yaaman, TrockenSaft+ Frida!